VEX Winners

Congratulations to Central's VEX Robotics teams which were the champions of their first VEX competition of the 2023-2024 school year, which was held October 28 at Nowata. The 65292A team of Payson Winward, Karsten Proctor, Everett Ellis, and Kamren Wosel won the High Skills Score Trophy. The 65292G team of Andrew Pan, Zac Vivian, Kayden Swisher, and Melody Gao were ranked first after the qualifying rounds and picked the 65292A team, which was ranked third, to compete in the finals bracket. After 16 single-elimination matches, the alliance of 65292G and 65292A became the Tournament Champions. This year's competition is Over Under with sixty triballs on a field, two netted goals, and barriers.

This year's Central VEX Robotics team is coached by Lolly Williams and new Project Lead the Way teacher Renate Salerno.

Over Under Competition