Virtual Day on 12/2/2022

Bartlesville Public Schools will have its final Virtual Learning/District Collaboration Day for this academic year on Friday, December 2. Students will be at home with Chromebooks for independent virtual learning while teachers are at school to plan and work together, analyze student work, plan remediations, etc.

In October, the Board of Education adopted a revised calendar redesignating February 17 and April 28 from Virtual Learning/District Collaboration days to regular in-person school days. 

Teachers will still have two District Collaboration days in the second semester, but now they will be held on the previously scheduled teacher in-service days on January 16 (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day) and February 20 (Presidents' Day), when no classes, in-person or virtual, will be conducted.

The change, which retained three scheduled Virtual Learning days in the first semester but none in the second, was based on feedback in a public survey about child care challenges and other concerns from some parents. It preserves a total of five District Collaboration Days to assist teachers throughout the school year, but now only three of them will have included virtual learning for students.

The district prioritizes in-person learning, but there is the chance of inclement weather during the winter. A brief incident might result in a simple cancellation of classes, while an extended one would likely trigger virtual learning with Chromebooks. There also remains the possibility of staffing issues due to COVID-19 infections this winter that could trigger class cancellations and/or virtual learning with Chromebooks. We appreciate everyone's patience and understanding whenever we face such challenges.